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S@H: The Daily Bone - Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
Posted on Monday, July 31 @ 21:13:20 PDT by fathertyme

Team News
Old File: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 00:34:56 -0700
New File: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 20:56:04 -0700
Time between files: 4 days 20 hours 21 minutes 8 Seconds
Old total: 22294233.088894
New total: 22407729.451952
Difference between files: 113496.363058 Credits

Total Members (non-zero): 199
Total Members Active Today: 58

Top 200 Slice
Team Name Total Todays Mems (+/-) Cred/mem diff
22 Picard 25,124,070 127,793 406 2 315 0
23 Team MacNN 23,555,117 321,966 1,199 1 269 1,568,953
24 Hewlett-Packard 23,304,784 256,206 1,513 0 169 250,333
25 LittleWhiteDog 22,407,729 113,496 774 0 147 897,055
26 Amateur Radio Operators 22,149,069 283,461 711 3 399 258,661
27 BOINC@Denmark 21,675,933 136,732 301 1 454 473,135
28 Portugal@Home 21,567,424 138,080 1,006 1 137 108,509

Misc Ramblings
You guys thought I'd forget, didn't you?!?!? shame shame shame.... I'm posting this tonight from Colorado, guesting with Krbshappy71 and Rahhstah. SuperDwarf, Jaymac and I are all here with Dutch and krbs 2 kids. And yet.. here I am... posting this for you guys.

We had 2 gold stars today starting with SeaMax USA who blew past 10 thousand Credits. Jester was next up, becoming just the 5th member of the team to pass the 1 million Credit mark... Very Nicely Done...

olive was our top cruncher today with 17 thousand 528 Credits. Dave Rave snagged second place with 12 thousand 947 Credits. And jester snagged a solid Double with a 3rd place finish using 7 thousand 397 Credits. Thats a really nice double if you ask me..!!!!

QUAD NEON was our top mover today. He dropped 2 thousand 522 Credits and managed to snag 5 places on the team charts, and coincidentally entering the top 100 at the same tyme.. WOOT!!!

Speaking of QUAD NEON, he earned himself a double as a mover and shaker, turning his nose up at The Cat Toys and becomming the newest member of The Chow Hounds... WOOT!!!

And thats it.. Thats all, I'm done. There wont be news tomorrow since as far as I know, there is no broadband in Yellowstone National Park (if I'm wrong, then I'll post). I should be able to post wednesday night, probably not on thursday, and maybe friday or saturday night... So... Enjoy what I can get on here :)


What its all about:
Photo and linkage from http://www.nasa.gov done following their copyright statement

Possible Methane Lakes on Titan
Credit: Cassini Radar Mapper, jpl, esa, nasa

Explanation: Have methane lakes been discovered on Saturn's Titan? That exciting possibility was uncovered from analyses of radar images returned last week by the robotic cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn. The above image is a radar reflection from terrain near Titan's North Pole and spans a region about 200 kilometers across. evidence that the dark areas might be pools of liquid hydrocarbons includes an extreme smoothness implied by the lack of a return radar signal, and apparently connected tributaries. If true, Titan would be only the second body in our solar system, after Earth, found to possess liquids on the surface. Future observations from Cassini during titan flybys might test the methane lake hypothesis, as comparative wind affects on the regions are studied.

Click on picture for more information

Gold Stars

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 17,528 Credits Today
2 Dave Rave brought in 12,947 Credits Today
3 jester brought in 7,397 Credits Today
4 Humfrog64 brought in 6,102 Credits Today
5 squito brought in 4,846 Credits Today
6 cave brought in 4,272 Credits Today
7 PCRacer brought in 4,010 Credits Today
8 cjthomas1970 brought in 3,875 Credits Today
9 LWD sLaPpY brought in 3,846 Credits Today
10 Derek Kennedy brought in 3,778 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • QUAD XEON added 2,522 Credits to bring their total to: 13,185 Credits, and moving them up 5 spaces to 100th!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 2,566,513 Credits Low: 73,600 Credits
Members Active Today: 31 Today's Total: 100,651 Credits
Sparrow evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,484 Credits, passing onefast1 to end up in 31st place. skildude evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,588 Credits, passing Fido to end up in 34th place. Tenant almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,081 Credits, passing Bob to end up in 48th place.


The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 70,690 Credits Low: 13,185 Credits
Members Active Today: 18 Today's Total: 9,872 Credits
Trofast almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,097 Credits, passing SpellTrap to end up in 53rd place. Bllucas made most of the other crunchers jealous with 894 Credits, passing the taz man , and Binkley27 to end up in 60th place. tooeasy was the proud parent of 460 Credits today, passing Eric, and tecgod13 to end up in 71st place. QUAD XEON almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 2,521 Credits, passing comp615 , IrisDragon , Johnno56 , UngerDoc , and xrecar to end up in 100th place.

Milestones New To Group
  • QUAD XEON joined the group in 100th place today with 13,185 credits.

The Cat Toys ( 100th to 150th )
High: 13,134 Credits Low: 2,322 Credits
Members Active Today: 9 Today's Total: 2,413 Credits
Esa Laitila added 70 Credits, passing GreenGreenie to end up in 113th place. Bill Griesmyer went above and beyond the call of duty, putting 123 Credits in the pot today, passing Benware to end up in 120th place. afliction made most of the other crunchers jealous with 631 Credits, passing IBelieve , benderr2001, anubis, and puck to end up in 137th place. kerbel17ken showed us how it was done, but dropping 493 Credits, passing linda , El Jeffe , and Sherlock to end up in 142nd place.

Milestones New To Group
  • comp615 joined the group in 101st place today with 13,134 credits.

The Tail Chasers ( 150th and Beyond )
High: 2,321 Credits Low: 0 Credits
Members Active Today: 0 Today's Total: 0 Credits
Sorry, No Passing Zone



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Re: The Daily Bone - Tuesday, August 1st, 2006 (Score: 1)
by Squito on Tuesday, August 01 @ 13:20:58 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Here's to SeaMax, Jester (the Millionaire - w00t!!!), the olive, and QUAD NEON (gotta luv dem doubles) - and here's to the gang headed to Yellowstone National Park (wish we were there) - BOINC!!!

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