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S@H: The Flea Dip - Saturday, July 29th, 2006
Posted on Friday, July 28 @ 22:32:48 PDT by fathertyme

Team News
Old File: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 02:01:19 -0700
New File: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:59:20 -0700
Time between files: 6 days 19 hours 58 minutes 1 Seconds
Old total: 22162257.789973
New total: 22338020.215676
Difference between files: 175762.425703 Credits

Total Members (non-zero): 199
Total Members Active Today: 62

Top 200 Slice
Team Name Total Todays Mems (+/-) Cred/mem diff
22 Picard 25,048,907 212,692 405 3 525 0
23 Team MacNN 23,365,318 461,368 1,198 1 385 1,683,589
24 Hewlett-Packard 23,153,093 360,282 1,512 3 238 212,226
25 LittleWhiteDog 22,338,020 175,762 774 0 227 815,072
26 Amateur Radio Operators 21,982,597 390,511 709 3 551 355,423
27 BOINC@Denmark 21,591,413 196,731 301 2 654 391,184
28 Portugal@Home 21,482,804 184,623 1,006 4 184 108,609

Misc Ramblings
Well now.. this is an exciting news tonight.. Why you ask?!?! because I'm sitting here with Skookum, LWD sLaPpY, and SuperDwarf, and they are watching over my shoulder in AWE at how the news goes to print.. woot!!!

We had 62 Active members today, turning in over 175,762 Credits.. Outstanding guys.. lets keep cranking that up!!!!

QUAD XEON was one of our two gold stars, having blown past 10,000 Credits. Bllucas was our other Gold star, having presented his 50 thousandth Credit.. OUT STANDING!!! WOOT!!!

olive was our top cruncher today with 26,374 Credits, followed by Dave Rave who turned in 22,222 Credits... all 2's.. amazing!!!! Jimbo landed in 3rd with 11,469 Credits.... oh hey.. there's LWD sLaPpY in 10th.. woo hoo :)

kerbell7ken was our Top Mover this week, having crawled 8 places up the team charts. Kicking and shoving and pushing and crawling.. WOOT!!!

hey, kerbell7ken landed a double with a move from The Tail Chasers into The Cat Toys... yup, he's a mover and shaker today.. very well played..

Anyways, thats all I have for you today.. I'm off for the next couple days (unless these guys want to watch me do it again!!!) cheers!!!


What its all about:
Photo and linkage from http://www.nasa.gov done following their copyright statement

The Swarm
Credit: m. p. muno (ucla) et al., cxc, nasa

Explanation: What do you call a group of black holes ... a flock, a brace, a swarm? Monitoring a region around the center of our Galaxy, astronomers have indeed found evidence for a surprisingly large number of variable x-ray sources - likely black holes or neutron stars in binary star systems - swarming around the milky way's own central supermassive black hole. Chandra Observatory combined x-ray image data from their monitoring program is shown above, with four variable sources circled and labeled A-D. while four sources may not make a swarm, these all lie within only three light-years of the central supermassive black hole known as Sgr A* (the bright source just above C). their detection implies that a much larger concentration of black hole systems is present. Repeated gravitational interactions with other stars are thought to cause the black hole systems to spiral inward toward the Galactic Center region.

Click on picture for more information

Gold Stars

Top Ten Crunchers
Name Today's Credits
1 olive brought in 26,374 Credits Today
2 Dave Rave brought in 22,222 Credits Today
3 Jimbo brought in 11,469 Credits Today
4 jester brought in 10,297 Credits Today
5 Humfrog64 brought in 9,294 Credits Today
6 squito brought in 7,284 Credits Today
7 cave brought in 7,270 Credits Today
8 Derek Kennedy brought in 6,267 Credits Today
9 Mazamuda brought in 5,806 Credits Today
10 LWD sLaPpY brought in 5,683 Credits Today

Top Mover
  • kerbel17ken added 826 Credits to bring their total to: 2,989 Credits, and moving them up 8 spaces to 144th!

The Big Dogs ( 1st to 50th )
High: 2,555,086 Credits Low: 73,309 Credits
Members Active Today: 31 Today's Total: 157,406 Credits
Jimbo evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 11,468 Credits, passing bj to end up in 17th place. squito almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 7,284 Credits, passing meccameanie to end up in 27th place. Sparrow almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 2,070 Credits, passing onefast1 to end up in 31st place. Tenant scared the neighbors by bringing in 1,869 Credits, passing Bob to end up in 48th place.


The Chow Hounds ( 50th to 100th )
High: 70,690 Credits Low: 13,134 Credits
Members Active Today: 20 Today's Total: 12,979 Credits
tooeasy dumped a huge bucket, with 739 Credits in it, passing Eric, and tecgod13 to end up in 71st place. Carl Anthony evacutated the neighborhood, unloading a massive load of 1,464 Credits, passing VirtualElvis to end up in 75th place. Nuke Nike made most of the other crunchers jealous with 572 Credits, passing badcrow#2 to end up in 78th place. Sandra DeLoach almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 1,166 Credits, passing duo45 to end up in 81st place. Jon was the proud parent of 375 Credits today, passing Strangel to end up in 95th place. TOMaxwell dumped a huge bucket, with 629 Credits in it, passing Strangel to end up in 96th place.


The Cat Toys ( 100th to 150th )
High: 12,803 Credits Low: 2,322 Credits
Members Active Today: 10 Today's Total: 5,357 Credits
QUAD XEON almost caused a major DCDOS with by unloading 2,372 Credits, passing xrecar, and Matthew Tine (Stainmaster) to end up in 104th place. Anie was the proud parent of 206 Credits today, passing helmethedd , and smach_03 to end up in 110th place. Beast1624 added 100 Credits, passing Issalzul (Myrna) to end up in 131st place. afliction really raised the bar by bringing in 578 Credits, passing puck , linda , and El Jeffe to end up in 140th place. kerbel17ken really raised the bar by bringing in 826 Credits, passing Sherlock , kevinmooney, Twiztid, BamZipPow, Sparkyc46 , MarvinTM , hartley, and Zarasis to end up in 144th place.

Milestones New To Group
  • kerbel17ken joined the group in 144th place today with 2,989 credits.

The Tail Chasers ( 150th and Beyond )
High: 2,321 Credits Low: 0 Credits
Members Active Today: 1 Today's Total: 57 Credits
AAFPT added 56 Credits, passing chris_g_g, and Mathi to end up in 172nd place.

New To Group
  • hartley joined the group in 151st place today with 2,321 credits.



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Re: The Flea Dip - Saturday, July 29th, 2006 (Score: 1)
by Squito on Saturday, July 29 @ 09:09:22 PDT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Here's to fathertyme, Skookum, LWD sLaPpY, and the SuperDwarf - and here's to the best flea dip on the planet - BOINC!!!

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