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Air˜la Italienne
Posted on Tuesday, November 18 @ 13:12:00 PST by Paws

Mail server flaw opens Exchange to spam
News.com : Administrators of e-mail systems based on Microsoft's Exchange might have spammers using their servers to send unsolicited bulk e-mail under their noses, a consultant warned this week.

There are dozens of messages--with subject lines such as "Open relay problem" and "We are sending spam?"--on Microsoft's Exchange Administration newsgroup, sent by information system managers who haven't been able to staunch the flow of spam from their servers.

Microsoft, however, said the problem is relatively minor and that the company hasn't had many complaints.

Microsoft Opens XML Schemas for Office 2003
TechNewsWorld : Hoping to shift industry focus to the company's new "kindler, gentler" business approach, Microsoft has announced the availability of royalty-free licensing of its Office 2003 XML reference schemas and documentation.

Long resented for its closed, proprietary software and facing increased competition from Linux and other open-source alternatives, Microsoft is promoting integration of its Office 2003 software by offering the schemas -- the structural underpinnings -- of the latest Word and Excel applications as well as a new information-gathering tool called InfoPath.

Meta Group vice president Steve Kleynhans told TechNewsWorld that the Redmond, Washington-based software giant wants to elevate Office 2003 to "another level" and make the software the workbench, rather than the tools, of today's workers.

"Microsoft wants those tools embedded in all of the processes that a worker's involved in," Kleynhans said. "In order to do that, they realize that the world doesn't exist on Microsoft applications."

Creative 3DBlaster 5 FX5900 Review and Giveaway
Beyond3D : The first thing of note here is that the "value" aspect of the product comes from using slower memory than regular versions of the FX 5900 (typically 450MHz). While the core speed remains no different, going with a memory system that gives less bandwidth could be detrimental to the card - many of today's 3D games place huge demands on the memory and bandwidth. Benchmarks should prove whether this is the case or not.

Initial impressions of the cooling unit are rather good - it's wide, deeply finned and offers a reasonable amount of surface area with which to dissipate heat. A closer inspection though reveals some disappointing aspects: the metal is aluminium and not copper, and the fan is flimsy, bending rather easily. Having the memory chips heatsinked would have no doubt improved the look and shelf image of the card but Creative obviously decided that the additional cost was not necessary. On the good side, the heatsink is of a low profile and the fan is fairly quiet too.

In conjunction with our Creative 3DBlaster 5 FX5900 review we're holding a Creative giveaway. Up for grabs are a Creative hand stitched, Italian leather jacket as well as the 3DBlaster 5 FX5900 review board.

TweakPC - The German Hardware Guide
Neue AOpen Aeolus Modelle : Mit zunehmendem Ehrgeiz bef”rdern immer mehr Hersteller ihre Produkte hin zur kommenden Vorweihnachtszeit. AOpen m”chte auch bereit sein, wenn die Anwender ihre Brieftaschen zcken und das Geld in rauen Mengen zu flieįen beginnt.(English)

Millersburg und Plum Island : Intel pr„sentiert mal wieder eigene Mainboards, lediglich die Wahl der Namen hat sich mit der Zeit etwas ins Unspektakul„re gewandelt, genauso wie auch deren technische Ausstattung, wobei die Mainboards zumindest mit annehmbaren Preisen pr„sentiert werden.(English)

SeaSonic Super Silencer 400W PSU
Systemcooling.com : You've seen them, fancy LED fans, see through enclosures, built in fan controls. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the power supplies that when turned on, have become almost like a three ring circus. What if you don't want all the bright lights, extravagant enclosures and endless controls and knobs. What if you just want a simple power supply that will be of high quality, deliver top of the line power, be packed with the latest technology and most importantly be silent? If those seem to be the criteria that you are looking for then let me introduce you to Sea Sonic's Super Silencer 400W power supply.

Sea Sonic's Super Silencer is built to the highest quality standards. And when I say built I mean built. Unlike many of the other power supplies on the market the Super Silencer is actually built by Sea Sonic. I'm sure many of you are aware of the fact that some power supplies although sold under a different name, are actually built by the same company. Sea Sonic does not play the game that way. They manufacture their own power supplies giving them endless power over quality control.

LostCircuits : One of the most earth-shaking turnarounds in the graphics adapter scene has been the announcement by ASUS to support the latest graphics cores made by ATI. Needless to say that ASUS as the number one graphics card manufacturer in the world (in volume) can also throw in a wealth of experience with respect to hardware and driver customization.

The result is a graphics card that is studded with features, comes with an extravagant bundle and further offers blistering performance. And it costs less than US$50.

Just kidding.

Powder with the power to transform the world
smh.com.au : In his Canberra laboratory, research physicist Dr Ying Chen churns what looks like nothing more than dull, grey powder. But far more precious than gold, the powder, says Dr Chen, will change the world.

He believes it will open the way for making everything from hydrogen-powered cars and the next generation of jetliners to wafer-thin televisions and powerful computers so small you can slip them into your pocket.

Chen's laboratory at the Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, at the Australian National University, is the world's only commercial source of the extraordinary powder - nanotubes of boron nitride (BN).



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