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AMD 1.2 GHz Thunderbird

Author: Spot
Posted on: 12/26/2000
Sponsor: SpartanTech
Discuss: In the forums

Normally, we don't spend much time reviewing CPU's at LWD, but since AMD's 1.2 GHz processor has just recently been available to the general public and not many people have them in their greedy little hands yet, I'm gonna slap some benchmarks up here so you'll get an idea what kind of speeds you can expect out of it. No installation stuff, no yappin' (well, at least not much), just a few good clean benchmarks.
  • CPU - AMD 1.2 GHz Thunderbird
  • Heatsink/Fan - Global Win FOP32-I
  • Thermal Compound - Artic Silver
  • MotherBoard - Asus A7V
  • Memory - 128MB PC133 CAS2 (Generic)
  • Graphics Card - Asus 7700 64MB GeForce2 GTS
  • Operating System - Windows ME, Version 4.90.3000
Using CPU ID (2.8c-B5), you can see the 1200MHz goodness along with the 256K of full speed L2 cache.

SiSoft Sandra 2001 Standard
Look at the difference between this T-Bird 1.2GHz and the Pentium4 1.5GHz. All I can say is - "Ouch". By the way, you can download SiSoft here if you don't already have a copy for yourself.


I ran the default MadOnion 3D Mark 2000 because I know the CPU makes a HUGE difference when it comes to your overall score. I used the 6.47 reference drivers and jacked the Asus 7700 up to 225MHz core and 385MHz memory and was pretty damn geeked to find out this system had broken the 8,000 barrier only to realize that I couldn't find the "Fastest Webmaster" list that MadOnion used to have. My CPU score jumped to an impressive 623, compared to 484 on my old Slot A Athlon Classic 750 OC'd to 850. Anyways, the pic is below and if you want to, you can compare your score with mine.

Update: Thanks to Extreme Overclocking for letting me know where the Fastest Webmasters list is currently located since MO changed their site. I just submitted my score...so hopefully you will see LWD on the list in the next few days.

Not a whole bunch to this one. AMD's 1.2GHz CPU flat out kicks ass. Like I said, we don't like to do reviews of just CPU's (and this isn't really a review) we just wanted to show you how fast it really is. I picked up this processor over at Spartan Tech for under 300 USD and I have only begun to enjoy it.

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Published on: 2004-09-07 (10112 reads)

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