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Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

Author: Rover
Posted on: 1/10/2001
Sponsor: Logitech
Discuss: In the forums

Iím in love
Since mice first hit the computer scene I had given them little thought. I would use and abuse them for a couple of months and then get a new one. Everything was going well until optical mice into the picture, but being from the old school I didn't pay much attention to them. Oh sure I tried the Microsoft versions, you know the big fat ones, the jelly filled ones, the custard variety and don't forget the chocolate covered kind, oh those are donuts, but they just didnít do it for me. Then just the other day my mouse started acting up AGAIN and I took the ball out in order to clean the darn thing. It was then that I realized all this cleaning was for the birds and something had to be done about it. So the day after Christmas I went shopping at Media Play with my sister and thatís when I saw it. I had been buzzing around the mouse section trying to find a replacement mouse when my sister pointed out the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse. I was hesitant to buy this little wheel mouse but my sister assured me that her boyfriend loved it. I dropped the cash, took it home, hooked it up and have been in love ever since.

I'll never go back
If you had asked me if I would use an optical mouse a couple of months ago I'd of smacked you senseless and told you how much they suck. Now, I can't imagine ever using a ball mouse again, EVER. Think of it, no more cat hair wrapped around the rollers, no more cleaning your balls and no more mouse pads just constant smooth effortless mousing. As much as us Dogs like to clean our balls I'm in heaven now! I was also tickled pink by the easy software installation and setup. Although the drivers I received with the mouse were a bit old, it was a snap to download the lastest from Logitech's website.


The goodies
Except for the scroll wheel there is nothing fancy about this mouse. Sure it has that cool red glow coming from the underside, but that's about it. So what makes this mouse so darn loveable? It's a simple no frills mouse that gets the job done without breaking your wallet or your computer. It glides effortlessly across my white desktop never skipping or jumping on the screen. It is always there for me when I need it most and never complains when I move it wildly from side to side in an effort to confuse my PC into thinking I'm doing something important. Also, it fits my hand so perfectly I almost forget it's under my palm. With its ambidextrous design the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse is sure to be a hit with the lefties of the world.

Final thoughts
The Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse comes ready for USB but has a USB to PS/2 converter for those of you who do not have a USB port. This only adds to the appeal of this mouse and confirms my love for this simple yet elegant device. If you are looking for a sturdy, reliable, easy to install, comfortable, versatile, no frills optical mouse then I highly recommend the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse. You'll also appreciate how easy it is on your wallet since the street price is $29.95USD. I give it 2 paws up and a couple of LittleWhiteDog tail wags.

Copyright © by LWD All Rights Reserved.

Published on: 2004-09-07 (27976 reads)

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