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MemoWeb 3 Pro

Author: Rover
Posted on: 1/14/2001
Sponsor: GOTO-Software
Discuss: In the forums

Offline Browsing
As web sites began to get fat with graphics, dial-up users were left waiting for pages to load painfully slow. Many people to this day struggle with the World Wide Wait and slow Internet connections. This is one reason why web page caching was invented. You could also download an entire web site and if it disappeared from the Internet view it from your hard drive. How many sites go up, stay online for a while and then disappear without a trace? With web page caching you can view sites that no longer exist for as long as you like. This also comes in handy when a website has some valuable information that doesn't necessarily change but you'd like access to it without having to get on the Internet. On the flip side many websites offer great information that changes constantly and through caching you can always have access to the content no matter what happens to it. Although there are many programs out there that will cache web pages for you I was given the chance to look at GoTo Software's MemoWeb 3 Pro.

The Basics
MemoWeb 3 Pro is a very functional web content caching program. A little later I'll get into how functional this little program is, but for now I'll cover the basics. It allows you to download all or part of just about any website on the Internet. It will create all the necessary folders and index all the files it downloads. It has multi-threading capabilities so it can download more than one file simultaneously. It has a scheduling function so you can automatically start caching when you're away from the PC to include the ability to dial the modem for you. It integrates into a wide variety of browsers to include MS Internet Explorer 2,3,4 and 5, Netscape Navigator, Mosaic, Opera and Neoplanet. It also supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000.

Getting MemoWeb 3 Pro installed was very simple. You are given two options, "Quick" and "Advanced". Choosing the "Advanced" option gives you a little more control over how MemoWeb 3 is installed but the default options were perfect for me and I probably could of used the "Quick" setup. One of the things I liked most about the installation is that it wanted to create a directory for the cached pages in your "My Documents" folder. It's nice to see a program other than MS Office make use of the "My Documents" folder since it can be easily accessed from the Windows "Start" button or desktop icon.

The First Time
Once installed you're now ready to configure your first caching. The program provides an excellent wizard that will walk you through the process of creating a caching scheme. In the pictures below you can see that I set up MemoWeb 3 to capture LittleWhiteDog.com.



I went for the whole thing just to see how much it missed and to my surprise it missed nothing. Even on my 56K dial-up connection it didn't take long for MemoWeb 3 to grab 90% of the site. If you look at the last picture above you'll see a button at the bottom labeled "Advanced Settings". The plethora of settings you are presented with really allows you to customize the caching of a website. I couldn't even begin to list all the various options allowed since it would make this article WAY too long. Just have a look at the screen caps below and you'll get an idea of just how customizable this program is.



If you decide that you need to change some of these settings later on don't worry because you can always modify them. Anyways, once you get the options set the way you want just let MemoWeb 3 loose and watch it go.

What You Get
MemoWeb3 captures quite a bit of stuff, not just web pages and pictures but loads of information about the site. It will list all the links on the site as well as tell you which ones are broken. It lists all the html pages, pictures, forms, e-mail addresses and other files like java, movies, mp3s, executables, and vrml to name a few. MemoWeb 3 offers search capabilities and can make thumbnails of all pages for quick viewing. There is also a preview pane, which will either display the file or give you information about it. The interface is very intuitive and makes navigation of the cached website very easy. You can see in the cap below exactly what I mean.

Why Use It
Besides the obvious usages like ripping a porn site of its pictures or an mp3 site of its music, MemoWeb 3 can be used in a business environment. If you are on the road and have to give a presentation that includes a website or web stuff, why not cache it to the hard drive for lightning fast performance. You'll also not have to worry about finding an Internet connection at the remote site. For educators you can download an entire website, strip out the content you don't need or the kids shouldn't see and again do not have to worry about an Internet connection. A Webmaster could cache the entire website and work on it from home, not that he would, but with MemoWeb 3 it is an option. Lawyers could cache web content specific to a case and have it available right there in the courtroom possibly giving them the edge in a case. MemoWeb 3's search capabilities greatly enhance and extend its overall use to a thousand different possibilities.

The Bad
I didn't find much to fault this little program; it was stable, easy to use, powerful and compatible with almost everything I used. The only thing that ever went wrong was when I installed it at my place of employment. There we have SurfWatch proxy servers and MemoWeb 3 would start to cache a website and then crash for no apparent reason. GoTo Software said that the SurfWatch proxy server was the cause and that was that. I am also a bit surprised at the price, $39.95 US! That seems to be a bit on the high side, especially for a program of this type. Maybe a price of $19.95 US or $29.95 US would help sell this product even better. Otherwise I don't have any other complaints.

Final Thoughts
To be honest I hadn't thought a web cache program could be such a valuable edition to my PC, but MemoWeb 3 has changed my mind. This is a very powerful tool and if you are looking for a way to cache web pages and/or web content then I have no problems recommending MemoWeb 3 Pro. Are you still unsure if the program meets your requirements? Then head over to GoTo Software's website and download the free trial version. It's not quite as powerful nor has as many options, but it will give you an idea of what this program is capable of.

Copyright © by LWD All Rights Reserved.

Published on: 2004-02-22 (9816 reads)

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